Effective Social Media Reach

Here are three social media post samples:

  1. Facebook

#Followmeto downtown Toronton on May 20, 2017 for an afternoon of photo walk and workshop sessions with none other than Murad Osmann and Natalia Zakharova! Grab the chance to be mentored by the famous instagram bloggers. You may be the next instagram photographer sensation! #followmeto #shutterbugtoronto2017 #photowalktoronto #photographytoronto #followmetotoronto


Use the hashtags, use the photo of the guest speakers, and tag the official Facebook page and FollowMeTo page of Murad Osmann and Natalia Zakharov to gather attention.

2. Instagram

032 copy.jpg

The caption will basically contain the same descriptions with the hashtags #shutterbugtoronto #photographytoronto #photowalktoronto #Followmeto #photographyevents and will also tag the official account of Murad Osmann and Natalia Zakharov.

The posts will feature the guest speakers as this will be the biggest factor that will drive people to be interested and actually go to the event.

3. WordPress blog

A good blog featuring the not just the founders, who are famous and well-recognized themselves, but most especically the guest speakers Murad Osmann and Natalia Zakharov. For wordpress, it will be important to also put the keywords in the link as this also counts a lot in google seo. the same hashtags will be used. Also, it will help a lot in optimizing the posts by including links to other news, articles and posts on the actual wordpress blog post. Also place links of the guest speakers and other relevant people on the blog post to leverage presence.


Optimizing Our SEO Reach

It’s all about tactics!

Let’s look at Shutterbug Toronto website’s On-The-Page Factors:

  1. Content
    • Words — The blogs and the contents of the website’s pages contain words that the target market would possibly search on Google such as photography, Toronto, Photo Enthusiasts, Photo walk, Post processing, and names of famous photographers.
    • Fresh — The blogs contain names of current famous photographers on social media namely Murad Osmann and his wife Natalia.
    • Vertical —  The whole website contains relevant images such as images from actual photo walks and photos of the guest speakers and founders.
  2. Architecture
    • Mobile — the theme used for the wordpress blog is a responsive theme that works well in all devices (desktop, mobile, and tablet).
    • Speed — the pages all load fast, almost no waiting time.
    • URLs — the url names all contain the abovementioned relevant words
  3. HTML
    • Titles — The titles contain relevant words mentioned above
    • Structure — the parts of the website are structured and categorized well
    • Description —  the description tags contain relevant searchable words as well.


#Toronto #Photography #ShutterbugToronto #TorontoMarketing #Photowalk #TorontoEvents

Headline and Guest Speakers

Hello, Shutterbugs!

This Spring, we are going to hold our annual photo walk and post processing workshop in downtown Toronto. Our founders, April and Christopher, are able to join us in this year’s event and they have some good news for everyone.

To make your experience more exciting and valuable, we are now revealing our special guest speakers for this year!

None other than…

Murad Osmann and Natalia Zakharova

of the #followmeto Blog!!

Murad and Natalia gained their instagram popularity after their little vacation in Barcelona in 2011. Murad is a creative photographer who is fond of taking photos of his then girlfriend, Natalia. They rose to fame after they posted a simple photograph of Natalia facing a graffiti wall with her hand reaching out for Murad who’s at her back. The post got viral, which then gave birth to their now globally famous #followmeto instagram blog.

It all started out as a hobby, a passion, which led to their Follow Me To brand that opened a lot of opportunities for them including constant travelling around the world!

The internationally popular couple are coming to town to join us in our photo walk and to give tips during our post processing workshop.

Do you want to be like them? Our advice? #FollowMeTo the Pixel Eyes Photo walk and workshop on May 20, 2017 with Murad, Natalia, and the rest of the Shutterbug Toronto Team!

#shutterbugtoronto #toronto #torontoevents #photographyevents #photographytoronto #muradosmann #followmeto #pixeleyesevent #instagram #travel

Our Target Market

Shutterbug Toronto’s Primary Target Market

Our team is open to everyone but as a young organization, we are currently focusing on photo enthusiasts within the city so we’d be able to keep track of their performance and progress closely.

Let’s look closely at our target market:


Greater Toronto Area

Age: 18-29 years old

Young adults – mainly college/university students
or young professionals


Greater Toronto Area

Residents of Downtown Toronto and neighbouring cities including
North York, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham


Greater Toronto Area

Lifestyle and Personality:
socializers, adventurers,
art-lovers, outgoing
detail-oriented, creatives
visual-oriented individuals


Greater Toronto Area

Mature students and young adults who are seeking for experience, new knowledge, or new hobby

They could potentially be beginners or advanced photographers who are enthusiastic about art and photography

If these things fit your personality, then you belong in our team! Come join us on our next adventure.